The Doctoral Program in Nano-Science and Nano-Technology is a new program starting in 2012.

Research Field Nano-Technology

Introduction to Fields of Nano-Technology


Nano-Technology: Fundamental and device-oriented researches with various materials such as semiconductors and ferromagnetic materials, catalyst studies for fuel cells, development of chemical- and bio-sensors, etc.

Introduction to Research Groups

  • Junji Nakamura
  • Takahiro Kondo
  • Kotaro Takeyasu
Lab. website Designing a functional catalysis based on the surface science research at the atomic level for the mechanism (kinetics and dynamics) of the catalytic chemical reaction. Particularly, electrode and support material for the Fuel Cell and surface chemistry at the carbon surface and at the metal nano-cluster surface on graphite.
  • Shinji Kuroda
  • Ken Kanazawa
Lab. website Experimental studies on spin-related new functionalities of semiconductors and their nanostructures. In particular, we are searching for room-temperature ferromagnetism in magnetic semiconductors and application for `spintronics'.
  • Hiroaki Suzuki
Lab. website Development of micro total analysis systems and Labs-on-a-Chip with integrated microfluidic and sensing functions for clinical, environmental, and food analyses.
  • Kazuhiro Marumoto
Lab. website Development, characterization, and controls of performance of organic devices using functional organic materials and characterization methods such as transport and electron spin resonance.
  • Nobuyuki Sano
Lab. website Simulation and theoretical study of electron transport under nanoscale semiconductor device structures, and their device simulations and modeling.
  • Takashi Suemasu
  • Kaoru Toko
Lab. website Thin-film crystalline solar cells using Si-based semiconductor BaSi2, Arsen-free infrared photodetectors using semiconducting β-FeSi2, and spin sources using ferromagnetic Fe3Si and γ'-Fe4N.
  • Ryu Hasunuma
Lab. website Nanostructure control. Control of atomic step/atomically flat terrace structures, and research and development of nanotechnology using them.
  • Takahide Umeda
Lab. website Magnetic resonance spectroscopy on large-scaled integrated circuits and nano-scale devices, and studies on ultra-low-power consumption performances of semiconductor devices from an atomic view point.
  • Yuzo Ohno
Lab. website Characterization of electrical, optical, and spin properties of semiconductor quantum nanostructures, and study on spin coherence in semiconductor nanostructures and its application to quantum information technology and low power consumption technology.