The Doctoral Program in Nano-Science and Nano-Technology is a new program starting in 2012.


Overview of the Doctoral Program in Nano-Science and Nano-Technology

Our graduate program, which has been newly founded in place of the Frontier Science course in 2012 and offers only for Ph.D. degree (the last three years course), covers the research fields related to Nano-Science and Nano-Technology:

Nano-Science: Materials science under nano-scale structures with computational and experimental means, basic research for designing and development of new materials based on molecular chemistry

Nano-Technology: Fundamental and device-oriented researches with various materials such as semiconductors and ferromagnetic materials, catalyst studies for fuel cells, development of chemical- and bio-sensors, etc.

Prospective students should be well grounded in both Nano-Science and Nano-Technology after the completion of our graduate program and are expected to play a key role in academic and/or industries. Therefore, various opportunities are provided in our program, namely, the collaboration with other research institutes in Tsukuba area, lectures by world-renown researchers, attendance at international conferences, study in abroad for a few months at established schools, etc..

Message from the Chairperson


Kikuo Yamabe

The Doctoral Program in Nano-Science and Nano-Technology is a new program starting in 2012. It aims to nurture first-rate scientists and engineers who will play a leading role in not only the world’s scientific technology but also the industry in and around the fields of nanoscience and nanotechnology. It is an interdisciplinary program of science and technology consisting solely of a doctoral program. Teachers of various specialized fields including physics, chemistry, electronics, and applied chemistry will provide personalized and meticulous instruction so that students acquire knowledge and skills indispensable in academia and industry.

The enhancement of scientific and technological capabilities is indispensible for the rebirth of Japan. Let us strive to achieve this goal through hard work and determination.